| Location - Elderfield Rd London E5
| Site work - 2018
| Retrofit - Garden Extension + 1F Internal Remodel (in Terrace House)
| Architectural Design Service - FULL incl. Site Management  
| Contract - JCT Minor Works
| Main Contractor/Builder - DVC Ltd
| Glazing Sub contractors - Maxlight    +   Vision AGI
| Structural Engineer - Blue Engineering  

| Planning  - Hackney Council
Permission Ref:  2017/3802

| Retrofit Story
- Before: Rear garden room and kitchen was in a neglected status with single glazed windows/doors with NO connection to the rear garden. New garden room is to create a new open-layout kitchen/dining space continuing out to the rear garden, New kitchen and WC fitting work and house was upgraded with double glazed windows/doors, including the maximum size sky-light with solar control glazing option.
- New feature: Frameless Oriel glass window seat is to view in/out and interact well with the side garden.