| Location - Hawksly Road London N16
| Site work - 2018/2019
| Retrofit - One Storey Roof Extension + Roof Terrace + Internal Stair (in newly built apartment)
| Architectural Design Service - FULL incl. Site Management  
| Contract - JCT Minor Works
| Main Contractor/Builder - DL Construction / D Lungo Construction Services Ltd
| Sub contractor/Metal work - Metalworks London
| Structural Engineer - Hardman Structural Engineers

| Planning  - Hackney Council
Permission Ref:  2017/2613

| Retrofit Story
- Before: There was one thing that the client was missing and craving for in their apartment, which was " an own garden space".  
- New 1 storey extension is to add an outdoor roof terrace/urban garden with a small garden room, utility sink/water connection. 
- New feature: Steel plate stair, which is to add an elegant/discreet sculpture into an ordinary apartment block. Plenty of roof light/window, vertical slot windows/timber trellis are to create the vertical rhythm that continues around and complement the downstairs' original apartment block.

| Previous(2013/2014) Retrofit Story
- Ground Floor Level "Utility Room Infill Extension" was completed in 2014 under PDR and submitted to AJ Small Project 2015