| Location - Keston Rd London N17
| Site work - 2017/2018
| Retrofit - Roof/Rear Dormer Extension (in Terrace House)
| Architectural Design Service - FULL incl. Site Management  
| Contract - JCT Minor Works
| Main Contractor/Builder - DL Construction / D Lungo Construction Services Ltd
| Sub contractors/Moving Partition Wall - ModernGlide 
| Glazing Sub contractor - VELFAC
| Structural Engineer - Blue Engineering

| Retrofit Story

- Before: The 2 storey terrace house was too small for the client family occupant (with 3no. daughters), who desperately needed to add two more bedrooms for the next 3 -5 years period before daughters move out for their universities. 

- After and Future: Full width roof dormer extension to add 1/2 bedrooms + shower/WC room. When the daughters leave the house, the parent couple will use this new loft bedroom in whole size as their master bedroom. The moving partition wall acts as the practical solution, as well as the exciting feature wall to be enjoyed and to adapt any family structure changes and for occasional guest staying-overs.