Location - Tennyson Road London E15
Site work - 2019
Retrofit - 2 Storey Rear Extension (in Terrace House)
Architectural Design Service - FULL incl. Site Management  
Contract - JCT Minor Works
Main Contractor/Builder - DL Construction / D Lungo Construction Services Ltd
Sub contractors/Moving Partition Wall - ModernGlide 
Glazing Sub contractor - FINE LINE ALUMINIUM 
Structural Engineer - Constructure

| Planning  - Newham Council
Permission Ref:  18/00718/HH
Retrofit Story

- Before: Existing kitchen rear extension had zero connection out to rear garden while front living room space was squeezed by the GF level bathroom. This particular site plot is small in width 4m and only 4m  
depth in rear garden, rear garden is north facing with lack of natural lights. 

- After & Feature: New open layout GF level creates the up-lifting entrance/living, entertaining dining/kitchen space and cosy rear garden/outdoor space at back. The floor level change (1no. step down onto rear kitchen space) makes the gentle division between front  and rear in terms of their activities, floor finishes. The much needed natural lights and  air-circulations were gained. 1F bathroom extension is also well lit and ventilated, while allowing 2no. bedroom to maintain its decent room size.